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Site Updates

Posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-10-31 09:35:44

For the first time in a while, Xeallar has graced us with some Jojo's Bizarre Adventure sprites just in time for me to forget the Sunday update and post early monday instead!!!*sound of a skeleton*

Jojos Bizarre Adventure +10

Khimera and Super Famicom Wars
Posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-01 23:56:27

Since Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls' release, I've compiled and uploaded most of the game's assets to Sprites Unlimited to do with what you will. Buppux, inspired by my massive art dump, has found the power to rip a bunch of stuff from Super Famicom Wars.

See you all eventually!

Super Famicom Wars +398
Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls +2,780

The Only Game for Me
Posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-09-13 15:00:53

This week we've got some great Super Mario RPG rips of the main characters from Xeallar, who has also overtaken me as second place for most sprites submitted (look out Belial).

I'm hoping that we'll see even more great SMRPG rips from him in the future.

Super Mario RPG +778

Posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-08-09 13:41:45

It's been a little while since we've had of these, but I've got some more sprites just for you!* Xeallar has blessed us with some more Metal Slug rips and we've got the action and event icons from Game Maker 8 for Windows and the achievement icons from Vista Quest Pocket.

Updates might be a little less frequent but we're still alive and well.

Metal Slug Advance +96
Metal Slug 7 +1,006
Gamer Maker 8 +144
Vista Quest Pocket +10

*Sprites are for everyone and not just you.

The Fastest Update Around
Posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-06-14 20:28:15

Hey it's E3 but also Sunday so here you go it's sprites, ok bye!

Mega Man +633
Kirby Mass Attack +1,405
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team +13

Chibi Update
Posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-05-31 12:41:49

Just a couple things today. Xeallar has started a SMRPG rip and he also submitted some Mega Man Space Rescue this week. We've also got an update to the SMB2 Mario and friends rip. It now has all of their alternate palettes to save you guys the trouble.

Super Mario Bros 2 +462
Super Mario RPG +88
Mega Man Space Rescue +59

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